The 17th century might be considered as the exhibition beginning since the art started to be promoted and dominated in Europe. For centuries, exhibitors have wanted to introduce and sell their products or services and in return, exhibition visitors have wanted to shop, seek new business partners and opportunities, find new inspirations… The first International World Exhibition was held in London in 1851 and visited by more than 6 million visitors. From a global perspective, world exhibitions are perceived as the third biggest event after the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics in terms of global economic and cultural impact.


Nowadays, the exhibitions have their value and place as well. We estimate the number of exhibitions and fairs worldwide to be in tens of thousands. Each exhibition takes place in a different location, at a different time and every visit costs a lot of time and money. A traditional exhibition or fair is a seamless opportunity for large companies, but a huge logistical nightmare for smaller and medium-size companies. For more than 95% companies, an international exhibition or fair is financially unaffordable.


GLOBALEXPO is financially affordable, multilingual B2B and B2C online exhibition, which offers presentation space for all business size categories. It is an affordable solution for any company that is interested in expanding and growing in the international marketplace. GLOBALEXPO saves both exhibitors and visitors time and significant funds for exhibiting at classical exhibitions and fairs. At www.globalexpo.online one can find theme based exhibitions with clear and well-arranged categorization, that provide visitors with intuitive orientation and search for companies and products. Any company can purchase a registration fee and introduce itself and enter its own profile data in several world languages. The products and services presented by a micro, small, medium or large companies can be sold around the world through PayPal payment gateway. 


24 exhibitions available

GLOBALEXPO exhibitions are thematically focused with clear and well-arranged categorization. At present, the future of growth is in the online environment. According to information outputs from 13 independent sources of a study done by the Turkish-American company Invesp, the average Internet user spends 4 hours and 25 minutes online a day. By 2020, half of the world's population will use mobile devices to access the Internet and the volume of global online sales in 2021 by statista.com will increase to $ 4.8 trillion. So take the opportunity and start business with us.

Easy to use – simple and intuitive

GLOBALEXPO is designed to be easy to use for all age groups. Individual parts of the online exhibition are intuitively located and therefore easy to work with. Contact us to try all the features for free.

Simple application control panel

It is clearly and logically arranged and therefore works well. The registration process and profile data forms can be done within 30 sec.

Intuitive search for companies and products

We have made every effort to provide You and other users of the GLOBALEXPO an exhibition with a simple search. There are more ways to search. The first way is standard one – through categorization. An alternative way is usefull-text search, where one can search for a specific company or product.

Clear and well-arranged categorization

Online exhibition GLOBALEXPO is also unique in author – based and accurate categorization. Our categorization reflects practical requirements and contains over 2400 logically arranged items that can be added anytime according to the requirements of exhibitors or visitors.

Profile data in 4 languages

The company profile and the entire GLOBALEXPO online exhibition support 4 languages - Slovak, English, Russian and Chinese. Therefore, Your company presentation can be promoted to large Asian markets, Russian-speaking countries and, last but not least, in the lingua Franca of the Internet, which is English.

Link to social networks

You can easily connect Your existing social profiles with us. In addition, we will actively promote You on the profiles of GLOBALEXPO exhibitions. Currently, the following supported social media platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, VKontakte, YouTube and Vimeo.

Presentation of products and services

GLOBALEXPO allows You to present Your products and services in unlimited quantities. In case of a large number of products, it is necessary for a contractual data exchange to take place so that we can import products automatically.

Selling of products and services

Another key feature is the possibility of selling Your products and services. We have prepared a PayPal payment gateway, which is automatically activated upon entering Your email address in Your profile. Now, there is another multilingual sales channel available.

Verification of exhibitors

GLOBALEXPO is a place where serious companies come together. That is why we have been monitoring the fulfillment of obligations towards the state since its inception. We are building a trusted platform of reputable companies and eliminating the occurrence of speculators, fraudsters and unreliableentities.

Photogallery for the profile, as well as for each product

Each product can have its own photogallery with an unlimited number of photos. The same goes for a company profile. A good photography is one of the basic preconditions for sales. They are more than half of success.

360-degree photos support

We are up to date and besides classic photography we also support the extremely popular 360-degree photo at the GLOBALEXPO. 360-degree photos prove to increase conversion by up to 30% compared to still images. This can also mean thousands of euros of additional revenue for Your business.

Video presentation of the profile and product

Did you know that video presentations increase the chances of buying a product or service by up to 35%? That is why video support in the company profile and the products themselves goes without saying. Among other things, it is possible to take advantage of a new phenomenon - 360 degree video.

Possibility to upload documents

Inseparable part of the business are product catalogs, offers, brochures, pricelists, certificates, business cards and other pertinent documents. You can conveniently upload all these documents in the control panel. The documents are available to Your profile visitors 24 hours 365 days a year, anywhere, with the Internet access.

Order management and registration

Every order You receive through GLOBALEXPO is clearly registered in the control panel. The ordering process in the GLOBALEXPO system is almost identical - looking at it from the user's point of view, like in the most well-known e-shops.

Profile and product view statistics

What is not measured can not be evaluated, so we measure every single click on Your company´s profile, as well as all Your products. In the control panel is the Statistics item, where you have all the data clearly displayed.

In-House project management

From the idea to the execution of the project, thanks to the investors, the project has been successfully completed in one place. Our own development team is always ready to improve the project.

Continuous development and improvement of functionality

GLOBALEXPO is working everyday to offer You, as the Exhibitor, better comfort in use. We are open to Your feedback and therefore You can contribute to the improvement of the system. We constantly review all suggestions that we receive from You.

Live broadcast

We support YouTube live streaming. Just add a link in Your control panel to automatically activate live streaming. YouTube Live is an easy way to reach Your audience in real time.

In accordance with the GDPR regulation

GLOBALEXPO meets all current legislative requirements and regulations of the Slovak republic and the European Union. We cooperate with a prestigious law firm and incorporate all legislative changes in time.

Data stored safely in a Data Center

Our data center securely stores all Your data, which is used by Google as well, just for Your information. We use modern, up-to-date, stable and secure hardware infrastructure.

High connection standard Tier III

We want to offer You the best from the beginning. Therefore, we have decided that our services will be available almost to 100%, which guarantees the Tier III connection standard. Tier III is one of the world's highest connectivity levels.

Daily data back up

Security and data protection is our top priority and therefore Your data is regularly backed up. Regularly back up of data and databases to a physically different location for maximum data security using the latest technology.

The application is regularly tested

We have proven and regularly undergo independent safety tests and undergo complex testing. For example, You can verify this at https://securityheaders.com/, where we reach the maximum level of A +. You can also check the encryption quality at https://www.ssllabs.com/. 

Internal communication platform

Thirdly, we would like to add that a secure and encrypted communication platform is ready for You at GLOBALEXPO. You can conveniently receive messages from visitors of the fair and send answers to questions.

Clean content, free of ads and distractions

We all know that surfing trading platforms is sometimes very annoying because of annoying and ubiquitous advertising. We at GLOBALEXPO have bet on pure content, free of ads and distractions, to make Your use a pleasant experience.

Responsive design for all devices

The responsive design is that GLOBALEXPO adapts to the display device You are currently using. Whether it's a mobile phone or a computer – we try to offer You a nice and functional design.

Phone and email support – hotline

We are always ready to help You. You can find the phone contact and email address in the control panel. Just call or write and we will help You with everything.

Live chat

For those who prefer live chat, we have good news. You'll find a link in the control panel as well as the information how to start a live chat.

SEO optimization and marketing support

SEO - a legendary word for marketers. SEO is a search engine optimization site such as Google. We've made sure that all the top search engines take us into account.

Automatic billing when registering

We strive to save time on Your end as well as our end. Therefore, we've automated Your billing system. After paying the entry registration fee, You will automatically generate a PDF invoice – tax document for accounting. All prices are inclusive of VAT, so the invoice also includes a breakdown of VAT according to current legislation.

A growing network of project partners

Among the major partners of GLOBALEXPO is the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which represents companies making up 85% of Slovakia's GDP. This network of partners is still growing.

Many additional services

The main complementary services of GLOBALEXPO include professional translations of company profile and products, management of the profile itself, upload of products or services, automatic import of data from the current information system (if Your system allows data export in the required format). Furthermore, it is the creation of 360-degree photography, product photography and the like.

Responsible and stable company management

Responsibility is not standard everywhere in the world. At GLOBALEXPO, we do our best to ensure that our actions are stable, firm and responsible. We have a stable and strong investor, responsible and experienced company management, as well as highly supportive IT staff.

Implementation and operation in Slovakia

We love Slovakia and therefore we have done everything about the GLOBALEXPO project in Slovakia. Our headquarters is in Nitra - a city of extraordinary historical significance.

GLOBALEXPO is operated by GLOBAL EXPO s.r.o

 Vodna 21, Nitra, Slovak republic, European Union
 Company ID: 51926342, EU VAT number: SK2120839457

 +421 901 922 302

 Globalexpo Slovenská a Česká republika