Definition of terms

"GLOBALEXPO" - is an Internet application on the domain, which includes all its parts, including sub-pages, their content, design, source codes as it is operated at any time, accessible through standard Internet browsers or the official mobile application. By internet application we mean specifically: an online exhibition center of products, goods, services and companies available 365 days a year and 7 days a week in 120 languages ​​of the world. "GLOBALEXPO" is a trademark of "GLOBALEXPO Operator".

"GLOBALEXPO Terms" - are the binding terms of use of "GLOBALEXPO" that govern the use of "GLOBALEXPO"

"GLOBALEXPO Operator" - is the company Deluxtrade Europe s.r.o., with its registered office at Smetanova 17, 943 01 Štúrovo, ID: 47639181, VAT ID: 2024042702 VAT ID: SK2024042702 registered in the Commercial Register of the Nitra District Court, section : Ltd., insert no. 36867/N, established in the Slovak Republic.

"GLOBALEXPO User" - any person (individual, legal entity) who uses "GLOBALEXPO" in the position of "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" or "GLOBALEXPO Visitor" or "GLOBALEXPO Partner".

"GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" - is a registered "GLOBALEXPO User" who orders and pays the entrance fee to a specific exhibition in "GLOBALEXPO"

"GLOBALEXPO Visitor" - is a registered or unregistered "GLOBALEXPO User" who uses or visits the relevant domain "GLOBALEXPO" free of charge.

"GLOBALEXPO Partner" - is a registered "GLOBALEXPO User" - a person (individual or legal entity) who actively cooperates with the "GLOBALEXPO Operator". The contractual relationship - mutually binding rules, rights and obligations between the "GLOBALEXPO Partner" and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is not governed by these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" but by special conditions accepted by both entities.

"Registration" - is the process by which "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" or "GLOBALEXPO Visitor" in the case of "GLOBALEXPO Partner" gets access name and password to "GLOBALEXPO"

"Agreement" - is a legally binding contract governing mutual relations between "GLOBALEXPO User" and "GLOBALEXPO Operator".

Basic Provisions "GLOBALEXPO Terms"

Please read the following "GLOBALEXPO Terms" carefully before using "GLOBALEXPO" on any device. By using and entering "GLOBALEXPO" you express your agreement and acceptance of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms" and enter into an "Agreement" on how to use this application.

 The "GLOBALEXPO User" when using "GLOBALEXPO" is unconditionally bound, subject to the acceptance and conclusion of the relationship, by the "GLOBALEXPO Terms". "GLOBALEXPO" cannot be used without acceptance of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms".

By accepting these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" and using "GLOBALEXPO", you agree to the "GLOBALEXPO Terms" contained therein.

The "Agreement" may exist in different languages. There may be contradictions or differences in the interpretation of their content between the Slovak version of the "Agreement" and agreements in other languages. In order to preserve legal certainty, uniformity and to exclude any doubt, these terms and conditions accept the preferential interpretation according to the Slovak version of the "Agreement" between the "GLOBALEXPO User" and the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", in all disputes, claims or proceedings regarding the interpretation, recovery or claims otherwise related to the contract.

By confirming these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" you confirm and guarantee that you are authorized to enter into a valid "Contract" with the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", which is created by confirming these "GLOBALEXPO Terms", according to the applicable regulations of the Slovak Republic and the country of your citizenship or residence.< /p>

By using and logging into "GLOBALEXPO" you express your unequivocal agreement to these "GLOBALEXPO Terms". You are obliged to fully familiarize yourself with the new "GLOBALEXPO Terms" before further use of "GLOBALEXPO", which you also confirm by accepting the "GLOBALEXPO Terms".

If you are using "GLOBALEXPO" as a representative (or statutory representative) of another person, by accepting the "GLOBALEXPO Terms" you acknowledge and warrant that you are validly and effectively authorized to represent such a person to the necessary extent.

If you confirm the "GLOBALEXPO Terms" for a company or other legal entity, you confirm and guarantee that you are authorized to enter into a valid "Agreement" with the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" on behalf of such an entity, which is created by confirming the "GLOBALEXPO Terms".

Unless, according to your country of citizenship or residence, you are of legal age or authorized to conclude a "Contract" with the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" based on these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" without the consent of a representative, then by confirming these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" you confirm and warrant that you have the consent of the legal or other agent to use "GLOBALEXPO" and acknowledge and accept these "GLOBALEXPO Terms". You also represent and warrant that you are able to comply with and fulfill all rules, conditions, obligations, obligations, representations and warranties set forth in these "GLOBALEXPO Terms".

These "GLOBALEXPO Terms" apply to every "GLOBALEXPO User" who uses "GLOBALEXPO" in any way.

If you do not agree with any provision of these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" or you are not satisfied with its functionality, services, then you are not authorized to use "GLOBALEXPO" and you should stop using "GLOBALEXPO" immediately. This is the only way to express your disapproval.

Binding rules for the use of "GLOBALEXPO"

Any natural person "GLOBALEXPO User" who is at least 18 years of age can use "GLOBALEXPO". If a "GLOBALEXPO User" is not at least 18 years of age (inclusive), they may not use "GLOBALEXPO" in any way. "GLOBALEXPO" can be used by any legal entity "GLOBALEXPO User", whose statutory representative is at least 18 years old.

As a "GLOBALEXPO User", you undertake not to upload, store, transmit or otherwise disseminate through "GLOBALEXPO" content that:

  1. violates the rights of third parties or is illegal, defamatory, offensive, obscene, fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate;

  1. contains vulgarisms, phrases or other word or sign expressions, the direct or indirect meaning of which is contrary to generally accepted social morals and ethics;

  1. contains threats and personal attacks against other users of the service and third parties;

  1. states false, unverified, misleading, offensive or deceptive information about another person,

  1. promotes or describes, openly or covertly, cruel or otherwise inhuman acts, violence and incitement to hatred based on sex, race, color, language, religion and belief, belonging to a nationality or ethnic group, weapons and ammunition, war, alcohol . /li>

  1. contains personal or identification data of a person other than you if you do not have the consent of that person for such use;

  1. may contain malicious computer code, files or programs intended to disrupt or disable the use of "GLOBALEXPO" or any other software or hardware;

  1. introduces or contains false data and information intended to mislead other "GLOBALEXPO Users" or to conceal the origin of the transmitted message;

"GLOBALEXPO User" cannot use "GLOBALEXPO":

  1. to send or disseminate any form of promotion or advertising of third parties or their products and services (including their websites, social media accounts), including embedding texts or watermarks in videos and images that are not expressly permitted by "GLOBALEXPO Operator" or to send or spread unsolicited email messages;

  1. to operate or promote competitions, games and bets, provide credit, loans or other financial services, job offers, to spread marketing materials, spam, hoaxes, fake news, fraud or in any other inappropriate way;

  1. in accordance with these "Conditions" and/or valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic;

  1. to resell, rent, provide for a fee or free of charge "GLOBALEXPO" or its part to third parties without the consent of the "Operator" (e.g. as "cloud computing" or "software as a service") or the right to use "GLOBALEXPO" no matter what.

"GLOBALEXPO Users" are prohibited

  1. collect, process or otherwise deal with personal data or other content belonging to "GLOBALEXPO Operator" or other "GLOBALEXPO Users" for any purpose;

  1. without the express consent of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", use automatic means and tools (robots) to add content to "GLOBALEXPO", send messages to other users, mark posts, add comments or any other automatic use of "GLOBALEXPO" without human intervention by the user;< /li>

  1. without the express consent of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", use automatic means and tools (robots) to download, analyze and retrieve "GLOBALEXPO" data, data and content, sort them or use them otherwise than in accordance with these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" or with the consent "GLOBALEXPO operator";

  1. add to "GLOBALEXPO" content that is not related to the purpose of "GLOBALEXPO" operation, in particular it is not possible to use "GLOBALEXPO" for the dissemination of any political, ideological or other similar content;

  1. add irrelevant content to "GLOBALEXPO", repeatedly add the same or similar content, overwhelm and overload the servers and technical infrastructure on which "GLOBALEXPO" is operated;

  1. post the same content in inappropriate categories or in different locations or otherwise in violation of the instructions for properly adding content to "GLOBALEXPO";

  1. unauthorized access to the computer program, systems, servers or infrastructure of "GLOBALEXPO" or other systems of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" or perform activities that threaten the operation of "GLOBALEXPO", reduce its quality or disrupt its functionality;

  1. attempt to log in to "GLOBALEXPO" as another user despite their express consent.

  1. access "GLOBALEXPO" other than through programs and interfaces intended for this purpose.

Registration rules in "GLOBALEXPO"

  1. "GLOBALEXPO User" is authorized to register and create a "GLOBALEXPO" user account.

  1. "Registration" is the voluntary completion and submission of all mandatory data of the registration form in "GLOBALEXPO". By assigning an access name, password and a unique identifier, "GLOBALEXPO User" gets an account in "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. The "Registration" will allow the "GLOBALEXPO User" to use additional functions and options of "GLOBALEXPO", which are not accessible to the "GLOBALEXPO User" without registration.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" is obliged to provide true data in accordance with the facts during registration. If the information provided by the user is subsequently proven to be false or a reasonable doubt arises as to its veracity, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is entitled to cancel the account of the "GLOBALEXPO User" or temporarily limit its use. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is not responsible for any damage or injury that the "GLOBALEXPO User" may incur as a result of the cancellation or limitation of the account in "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. By completing the "Registration" process and creating a "GLOBALEXPO" user account, you agree and are responsible for:

a) provision of current, accurate and complete information required during registration;

b) maintaining the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information provided, which must be filled in during registration;

c) for implementing all measures to ensure the protection of your password and account.

  1. Login data to "GLOBALEXPO" cannot be provided to a third party.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" creates a personal profile when registering or logging in to "GLOBALEXPO", which allows him to save personal settings and use other personalized functions in "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. If you suspect that the security of your account has been compromised, compromised and/or a third party has gained unauthorized access to your account, please contact the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" immediately.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" is not responsible for damages that you incur in connection with a breach of the security of your account or as a result of a third party gaining unauthorized access to your account as a result of a breach of the obligation specified in section E point 8.

  1. In the event of a breach of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms", you agree to fully indemnify the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" for any losses, damages and costs, including legal fees, incurred or incurred by it in connection with your breach of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms GLOBALEXPO".

  1. If the functionality of "GLOBALEXPO" is canceled or restricted in accordance with the "GLOBALEXPO Terms", your user account may be blocked or canceled and you may be denied access to the user account and any account content.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" is not obliged to make the content of the user account available to the "GLOBALEXPO User" after the account has been canceled.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" can request a forgotten password using the "forgot password" function in "GLOBALEXPO" and a new password will be sent to the email address that the "GLOBALEXPO User" provided during registration or in their user profile.
  2. >

  1. Recovery of the "GLOBALEXPO User" password is not possible based on a written or telephone request.

  1. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" wishes to cancel or delete his account, he writes a request to the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" through the contact form.

GLOBALEXPO Services, Order, Payment Terms and Billing

  1. A service within the meaning of these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" is a paid entry to a specific "GLOBALEXPO" exhibition, where a "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" presents its activities, products, catalogs and other data to "GLOBALEXPO Visitors". Furthermore, the service can be understood as any other service that is published and made available in "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" has the right to pay the entrance fee according to the valid price list made available by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" in "GLOBALEXPO" for the provision of the "GLOBALEXPO" service.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" reserves the right to adjust and determine the prices and duration of entrance fees for individual exhibitions, which will be offered to "GLOBALEXPO Visitors" and to unilaterally change the prices for the service - but never after the order has been confirmed by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", which is considered a two-way acceptance of the agreed conditions.

  1. In the event that there is a change in the price of the entrance fee, the "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" is obliged to respect the price for the service according to the price list of valid entrance fees at the time of the establishment of the legal relationship between the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" and the "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" for the period during which the price is to be valid and thus during the duration of the contractual relationship established by mutually accepted terms of cooperation.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" has the right to pay the entrance fee online through payment gateways in the order process according to the technical capabilities of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider".

  1. After payment of the entrance fee, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" will immediately deliver an invoice to the "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" within the legal deadline as an accounting and tax document with all the requirements according to the Slovak legal system.

  1. A properly issued invoice is considered to be an invoice issued in accordance with the relevant generally binding legal regulations in force in the territory of the Slovak Republic and will contain all the requisites of a proper tax and accounting document.

  1. All bank charges associated with the payment of entrance fees according to these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" are borne by the "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Exhibitor" has the right to start using the service only after successfully paying the entrance fee and filling in all the necessary data in his profile;

  1. The price of the entrance fee is considered to have been paid at the moment of receipt of the proper confirmation of the successful completion of the monetary transaction by the operator of the payment gateway.

  1. An order is a set of chronologically marked steps in "GLOBALEXPO" that must be implemented for its successful completion.

Copyright of content "GLOBALEXPO"

  1. The exclusive owner and holder of all property rights and other intellectual property rights, the "GLOBALEXPO" license and any part thereof, the "GLOBALEXPO" content, trademarks, brands and logos of "GLOBALEXPO" is exclusively "GLOBALEXPO Operator".

  1. By accepting these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" and using "GLOBALEXPO", you do not acquire any proprietary rights, licenses, sub-licenses or other rights to "GLOBALEXPO" (in particular, not the right to modify, change, interfere with "GLOBALEXPO", process, adapt and create derivative works , make copies of "GLOBALEXPO" and further distribute these copies, etc.).

  1. "GLOBALEXPO" and all its components, including graphic elements, their layout, texts, interfaces and other components of "GLOBALEXPO" are protected according to the law of the Slovak Republic and international treaties in the field of intellectual property rights. Any use of "GLOBALEXPO" other than in accordance with these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" requires the written consent of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator".

  1. Without the written consent of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", it is not possible to use the marks and logo of "GLOBALEXPO" or to use other graphic elements of "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" is not authorized to change the source code of "GLOBALEXPO" or to try to translate them back, nor to otherwise interfere with the functionality of "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. "GLOBALEXPO" as a whole is not provided under any open source license (GNU GPL and other open source licenses).

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" is responsible for any content they provide to "GLOBALEXPO"; in particular, that you have the right to such content, which entitles you to upload and provide such content to "GLOBALEXPO". All rights, including intellectual property rights of "GLOBALEXPO User" to such content remain.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" has the right, at its sole discretion, to review any content added to "GLOBALEXPO" by the "GLOBALEXPO User" and reserves the right to delete from "GLOBALEXPO" any content that violates these "GLOBALEXPO Terms", generally binding legal regulations or is otherwise contrary to good morals.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" by uploading or saving any content to the "GLOBALEXPO" grants the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" a non-exclusive, royalty-free, time, geographically and materially unlimited license to use such content in any permitted manner and agrees that the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is entitled in within the scope of the previous sentence, transfer the license to a third party as well as grant a sublicense within the scope of the previous sentence.

  1. If it is found that any content of "GLOBALEXPO" violates the property rights or intellectual property rights or the rights of a person you are authorized to represent, the "GLOBALEXPO User" may notify the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" of this fact and request the removal of such content from " GLOBALEXPO". Such an application will be rejected only if the applicant:

a) does not submit all identification data of the owner or holder of rights to the content he represents, including contact data;

b) does not prove sufficiently convincingly that the ownership or authorization of the holder of the rights to the content;

c) does not sufficiently accurately identify the content that violates the rights or the rights of the person it represents and that requests removal or requests to restrict access to it;

d) does not submit a signed statement that, to the best of his knowledge, the content he requests to be removed or restricted violates the rights or the rights of the person he represents and that he will compensate the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" for any damages and costs incurred as a result of complying with the request to withdraw or restrict the content of "GLOBALEXPO";

e) does not submit a written power of attorney or other document proving that he is authorized to represent the owner or authorized holder of rights to such content.

  1. Requests to remove content must be sent via the contact form, in writing or by email.

Modifications, operation and other provision of "GLOBALEXPO"

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" has taken measures to secure the data of the "GLOBALEXPO Users" and the content of the transmitted data against unauthorized intervention by third parties and manages the stored data with appropriate professional care.

  1. "GLOBALEXPO Operator" is not responsible for any unauthorized interventions by third parties and misuse of "GLOBALEXPO User" data.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" undertakes to immediately inform the "GLOBALEXPO User" of any misuse or suspected misuse of data.

  1. "GLOBALEXPO Operator" reserves the right to change, supplement, suspend or terminate the operation of "GLOBALEXPO" or any part thereof at any time and the right to add new restrictions on the use of "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" is not entitled to claim any claims, damages, losses or compensation against the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" in connection with the change, addition, suspension or termination of the operation of "GLOBALEXPO" or any part thereof or in connection with the use of "GLOBALEXPO ".

  1. "GLOBALEXPO" may contain links to other websites and files. "GLOBALEXPO Provider" does not control the content of these websites and files and is in no way responsible for their content, services and materials on these websites.

  1. In connection with the use of "GLOBALEXPO", the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" may place third-party advertising in individual sections of "GLOBALEXPO". The scope of the placed advertisement is "GLOBALEXPO Provider" authorized to change and expand at its own discretion. As a "GLOBALEXPO User", by accepting these conditions, you also give your consent to the placement of advertising in individual parts of "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. When using "GLOBALEXPO", a "GLOBALEXPO User" will come into contact with content added by other "GLOBALEXPO Users" to "GLOBALEXPO". "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is in no way responsible for the accuracy, correctness, truthfulness, completeness or security of the content added by other "GLOBALEXPO Users" in "GLOBALEXPO". Content posted by other "GLOBALEXPO Users" on "GLOBALEXPO" may be defamatory, offensive, indecent or otherwise objectionable, and you hereby acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to, and will not assert any claims and indemnification against "GLOBALEXPO Operator" in connection with content added by other "GLOBALEXPO Users" on "GLOBALEXPO" or by third parties. "GLOBALEXPO operator" is ready to accept any information regarding possible inappropriate content and proceed in accordance with these conditions.

  1. "GLOBALEXPO Operator" may also use other third-party services in "GLOBALEXPO". The use of these services may be regulated in the terms and conditions of the providers of these services.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" is entitled to suspend or cancel, at its own discretion, such use of "GLOBALEXPO" by "GLOBALEXPO Users" that would contradict these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" or otherwise, at the discretion of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", interfere with the operation and use of "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is entitled to delete and remove any content provided or uploaded by the "GLOBALEXPO User" in "GLOBALEXPO" without any notice.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" may perform a technical shutdown of "GLOBALEXPO" at any time, even without any prior notice.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" acknowledges and agrees that if the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is contacted by a public authority in connection with the conduct of a specific civil, commercial, administrative (including tax and registry), criminal or other proceeding, " The GLOBALEXPO Provider" may provide this authority with all information to the necessary extent that it will have at its disposal, and the provision of this information is not considered a violation of the obligations of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" under these "GLOBALEXPO Terms"

Liability of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider"

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" does not provide any of the following warranties and representations:

  1. a) "GLOBALEXPO" will be provided on time, without any planned or unplanned interruptions and without errors;

  1. b) "GLOBALEXPO" will be compatible and work flawlessly with other hardware, software, system or data;

  1. c) "GLOBALEXPO" errors will be removed properly and in time;

  1. d) "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is not responsible for "GLOBALEXPO" defects and does not provide a guarantee for the quality of "GLOBALEXPO" (the contracting parties exclude the scope of Section 562 of the Commercial Code in relation to "GLOBALEXPO").

  1. "GLOBALEXPO Provider" operates and provides "GLOBALEXPO" as is (as is) without any guarantees or statements, i.e. with all possible defects and does not provide a guarantee regarding suitability for a particular purpose of use.

  1. Unless stated otherwise, "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is not responsible for interaction and communication with other "GLOBALEXPO Users" carried out through "GLOBALEXPO" or on its basis. Any such relationships between "GLOBALEXPO Users" or third parties implemented through or on the basis of "GLOBALEXPO" arise and are concluded solely between you and such persons.

  1. "GLOBALEXPO Operator" shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including lost profits), damage to reputation or data resulting from the use of "GLOBALEXPO", availability, reliance on use, features and functions " GLOBALEXPO", impossibility to use "GLOBALEXPO", changes or blocking of "GLOBALEXPO", even if the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" has been notified of this fact.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" is not responsible for errors, outages of "GLOBALEXPO", which are caused by errors or outages of the systems of "GLOBALEXPO Users", the public communication network or electricity supplies.

  1. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" is provided with a certain warranty on "GLOBALEXPO" according to the relevant jurisdiction, in that case, the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" provides the warranty exclusively to this extent and excludes the warranty to the other extent.

Complaints and online consumer dispute resolution

  1. "GLOBALEXPO User" is entitled to make a service complaint in accordance with Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection, as amended, in writing to the address of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", by e-mail or via an electronic form.

  1. In the complaint, the "GLOBALEXPO User" is obliged to state his name and surname, contact details, which service the complaint relates to, and to describe the subject of the complaint in a clear and comprehensible manner and what he is demanding on the basis of it.

  1. If the complaint does not have the specified details and these are necessary for its processing, the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" has the right to ask the "GLOBALEXPO User" to complete them. The deadline for processing the complaint starts from the date of elimination of its deficiencies, or addition of information.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" will issue the "GLOBALEXPO User" with a confirmation of when the claim was made, or from which day the deadline for its completion began.

  1. Processing of the claim will not take longer than 30 days from the date of application of the claim, or from the day when the deadline for its completion began.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" will issue to the "GLOBALEXPO User" a confirmation of the handling of the complaint and its duration in the same form as the complaint was received.

  1. The consumer (the "GLOBALEXPO User", who submits a complaint) has the right to contact the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" - the "GLOBALEXPO" provider with a request for redress, if he is not satisfied with the way in which the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" handled his complaint or if believes that he violated his rights.

  1. The consumer ("GLOBALEXPO User", who submits a complaint) has the right to submit a proposal for the initiation of alternative dispute resolution to the subject of alternative dispute resolution, if the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" answered the request in accordance with the previous sentence in the negative or did not respond to it within 30 days from the date of its of dispatch and delivery to "GLOBALEXPO Operator". The proposal is submitted by the consumer to the relevant entity of alternative dispute resolution, which does not affect the possibility of going to court. The conditions for alternative resolution of consumer disputes are established by Act No. 391/2015 Coll. on alternative resolution of consumer disputes and on amendments to certain laws. The consumer ("GLOBALEXPO User", who submits a complaint) can also use the Online Dispute Resolution platform established by the European Commission at to resolve their disputes.

Cookies and other online technologies in "GLOBALEXPO"

  1. Cookies used by the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" in "GLOBALEXPO" do not pose any danger to the computer and other technical equipment, because they are stored in a text file that cannot be run and take control of the computer.

  1. A cookie is a small amount of status data in the HTTP protocol that the WWW server sends to the web browser while browsing the "GLOBALEXPO" website, if it uses cookies. If cookies are enabled in the browser, they are stored on the user's computer, usually as a short text file in a selected location. With each subsequent request to the page from the same website, the browser then sends this data back to the server, in the case of temporary cookies only for the duration of the current visit (session), in the case of permanent cookies also with each subsequent visit. Cookies usually serve to distinguish individual users. User preferences (for example, language) etc.
  2. are stored in them

  1. "GLOBALEXPO" uses various cookies and other online tracking technologies so that "GLOBALEXPO Operator" can offer, provide and enable full use of "GLOBALEXPO" and its functions to "GLOBALEXPO User".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO user" in "GLOBALEXPO", who has the acceptance of cookies enabled in his web browser, thereby accepts the way cookies are handled on a specific website.

  1. Cookie files are very useful, as they mainly serve to analyze the traffic of "GLOBALEXPO" and to ensure greater comfort for the "GLOBALEXPO User" when using "GLOBALEXPO", for example by allowing the "GLOBALEXPO User" to be remembered for the next visit to "GLOBALEXPO".< /li>

  1. Cookie data files in "GLOBALEXPO" cannot examine the computer of the "GLOBALEXPO User" or other devices with which you access "GLOBALEXPO" or read the data stored in them. In "GLOBALEXPO" we distinguish:

  1. Temporary cookies (so-called session cookies) are activated every time you visit the website and are automatically deleted after browsing and

  1. Permanent cookies (so-called long term cookies) remain stored on the computer or other device even after browsing the website.

  1. "GLOBALEXPO operator" in "GLOBALEXPO" uses cookies in the following way:

  1. To save the personalization settings of the "GLOBALEXPO User" - These cookies help to identify the "GLOBALEXPO User" as a unique visitor in "GLOBALEXPO", to remember the settings of the "GLOBALEXPO User" chosen during the last visit, for example the layout of the content on the page, the selection of a specific location or prefilling the "GLOBALEXPO" login data.

  1. To create anonymous statistical records of the "GLOBALEXPO User" - "GLOBALEXPO" use analytical tools during each visit of the "GLOBALEXPO User". These include Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Google Search Console, Matomo and the like. The named analytical tools store anonymous standard cookies so that the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" knows how much traffic "GLOBALEXPO" has, can analyze the behavior of "GLOBALEXPO Users" and find out what content and information in "GLOBALEXPO" is interesting. Any stored analytical information obtained through the use of "GLOBALEXPO" is anonymous and used exclusively for its own technical, marketing and internal needs.

  1. To distinguish logged in or not logged in "GLOBALEXPO Users" - "GLOBALEXPO" uses cookies that help recognize "GLOBALEXPO Users" as logged in or not logged in "GLOBALEXPO Users" in "GLOBALEXPO" and remember preferences (such as username and similar ) and also enable the use of extended, more personal functions. These cookies can be used to remember the changes made by the "GLOBALEXPO User" in the "GLOBALEXPO" settings (for example, display size, display order, choice of language mutation, etc.) Also, distinguishing cookies can be used to provide the services you have requested . The data collected through these cookies is anonymized and cannot track your browsing activities on other websites outside of "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. Cookies of third parties in "GLOBALEXPO" - "GLOBALEXPO" uses the Google Analytics service, provided by Google, Inc., which uses the information for the purpose of evaluating the use of the site and creating reports on the activity of the site visitor. The "GLOBALEXPO User" collects and evaluates the data obtained in this way in an anonymous form, in the form of statistics, in order to improve the quality of services.

  1. Cookie settings in the web browser of the "GLOBALEXPO User" - The browser through which "GLOBALEXPO" is displayed to you, such as (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.) supports the management of cookies. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" uses a different internet browser, it is necessary to inquire via the "Help" function in the specific internet browser or from the software manufacturer about instructions regarding the prevention and deletion of cookies. Within the web browser settings, you can manually delete individual cookies, block or completely prohibit their use, or block or enable them only for individual websites. However, in such a case, "GLOBALEXPO Provider" cannot guarantee that all areas of "GLOBALEXPO" will retain the intended function.

GDPR: Principles of personal data processing of natural persons in "GLOBALEXPO"

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" devotes maximum possible attention to securing the personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User", who is a specific living natural person, against their misuse. In addition to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR"), we are governed by the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic, binding internal guidelines, the code of ethics and approved by leading supervisory authorities within the EU.

  1. All data collected by the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" is processed only for justified purposes, for a limited period of time and using the maximum possible level of security and for the purpose of ensuring the information obligation of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" as administrator pursuant to Art. 13 GDPR.

  1. The person responsible for the protection of personal data (Data Protection Officer, hereinafter referred to as the "DPO") of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" has extensive knowledge of personal data protection and her task is to supervise compliance with the GDPR. The intermediary is a specific person who determines the purpose of processing Personal Data and is the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" in accordance with the following GDPR conditions: Principles of personal data processing of natural persons in "GLOBALEXPO".

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data of "GLOBALEXPO Users", who are natural persons, please do not hesitate to contact the email address of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" In this context, we would like to inform the "GLOBALEXPO User" that the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" requires you to prove your identity in an appropriate way so that we can verify your identity. This is a preventive security measure to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal data. In order to improve the quality of services and keep records of the fulfillment of our obligations arising from the law, all communication with you is monitored.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Operator" processes the following personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User":

  1. identification data, which in particular means first and last name, user name and password, unique identifier, number of your identity document, ID and VAT number, if you are an entrepreneur, and your position in the organization, if you represent a legal entity;

  1. contact data, which means personal data that allows us to contact you, in particular e-mail address, telephone number, address, billing address;

  1. data on ordered services in "GLOBALEXPO" that you or your company ordered from us, method of payment including payment account number, and data on complaints;

  1. data about your behavior on the website, including when you browse it through our mobile application, in particular the services you view, the links you click on and also data about the device from which you access "GLOBALEXPO", such as IP address and location derived from it, device identification, its technical parameters such as operating system and its versions, screen resolution, used browser and its versions, as well as data obtained from cookies and similar technologies for device identification;

  1. data related to the use of the call center or the visit to the headquarters of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", which are in particular records of telephone calls with the call center, identification of messages you send to us, including identifiers such as IP addresses, and recordings from the camera systems of the "GLOBALEXPO Operator ".

  1. Within "GLOBALEXPO", the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" processes personal data for different purposes and to different extents either:
  2. without your consent based on the fulfillment of the contract, our legitimate interest or due to the fulfillment of a legal obligation, or

  1. based on your consent.

  1. Why do we process "GLOBALEXPO User" data? Because it's about:

  1. Fulfillment of legal tax obligations (fulfilment of legal obligations);

  1. Operation of camera and monitoring systems in the premises of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" for the purpose of preventing damage and ensuring the safety of "GLOBALEXPO Provider" customers and protection of interests and property of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" (legitimate interest of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider");

  1. Recording and monitoring of calls using the call center (fulfilment of the contract);

  1. Collection of receivables from "GLOBALEXPO Users" as buyers and other customer disputes (legitimate interest of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider");

  1. Record of debtors (legitimate interest of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider");

  1. Marketing purposes (“GLOBALEXPO Users” consents);

  1. Processing of personal data for marketing purposes

  1. For "GLOBALEXPO Users" who have consented to marketing outreach through electronic contact, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" processes with their consent for the period specified in the consent the data that the "GLOBALEXPO User" makes available to it for the purposes of marketing outreach and sending information about "GLOBALEXPO" services, news and promotional offers of "GLOBALEXPO Provider".

  1. If this consent is granted through "GLOBALEXPO" operated by the "GLOBALEXPO Operator", the data from the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" cookies, which are placed in "GLOBALEXPO", on which this consent was granted, are processed together with these contacts, namely only if the "GLOBALEXPO User" has cookies enabled in the web browser.

  1. Unsubscribing from receiving information about news and special offers can be done in the settings of the service for which the "GLOBALEXPO User" has registered to receive such notifications, or by e-mail:

  1. Processing of cookies in "GLOBALEXPO" operated by "GLOBALEXPO Provider"

  1. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" has cookies enabled in his web browser, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" records behavior about him from the cookies placed in "GLOBALEXPO" operated by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", for the purpose of ensuring better operation of "GLOBALEXPO" ,

  1. making analyzes and measurements in order to find out how our services are used and for the purposes of "GLOBALEXPO Provider" internet advertising.

  1. How long is the data of the "GLOBALEXPO User" processed by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider"?

  1. Data of the "GLOBALEXPO User" will be processed by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" for the entire period of use of the "GLOBALEXPO" services (i.e. the duration of the "Agreement") and subsequently based on the consent granted by the "GLOBALEXPO User" for a period of another 12 months, if your consent with the processing of personal data will not be revoked by you.

  1. Here, however, we would like to inform the "GLOBALEXPO User" that the personal data that is necessary for the proper provision of the ordered products to the "GLOBALEXPO User", or to fulfill all obligations of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", whether these obligations result from the "Contract" or from generally binding legal regulations, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" must process regardless of the consent granted by the "GLOBALEXPO User" for the period specified by the relevant legal regulations or in accordance with by them even after possible revocation of the "GLOBALEXPO User's" consent. Camera recordings from the premises of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" and the surrounding buildings are processed for a maximum of two days from the day the camera recording was made.

  1. What rights does the "GLOBALEXPO User" have in connection with GDPR personal data protection?

In relation to your personal data, you have the following rights in particular:

  1. Right to information;
  2. The right to access personal data;
  3. The right to correct or supplement inaccurate personal data;
  4. The right to delete personal data (the right to be "forgotten") in certain cases;
  5. The right to limit processing;
  6. The right to notify of correction, deletion or limitation of processing;
  7. The right to request the transfer of data;
  8. The right to raise an objection or complaint against processing in certain cases;
  9. Revoke your consent to the processing of personal data at any time;
  10. The right to be informed about a breach of personal data security in certain cases;
  11. Additional rights set forth in the Personal Data Protection Act and in the GDPR after its entry into force.

  1. What does it mean that a "GLOBALEXPO User" has the right to raise an objection?

If the "GLOBALEXPO User" no longer likes the fact that from time to time you will receive a commercial notice or other information about "GLOBALEXPO" news from the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", the "GLOBALEXPO User" has the opportunity to object to the further processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" does so, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" will no longer process the data of the "GLOBALEXPO User" for this purpose, and further business announcements and newsletters will not be sent to him. More detailed information about this right is mainly contained in Article 21 of the GDPR.

  1. From what sources do we obtain personal data?

  1. In most cases, the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" processes the personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User", which he provides when ordering services or when communicating with us.

  1. Personal data is obtained by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" directly from the "GLOBALEXPO User" and also by monitoring the behavior of the "GLOBALEXPO User" in "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. In some cases, the "GLOBALEXPO User" is entitled to obtain personal data from public registers, and these are mainly situations where the "GLOBALEXPO User" exercises his legitimate interests, especially the interest to act prudently.

  1. Providing data outside the European Union

As part of the transfer of data to recipients, listed in the section Who processes your personal data and to whom do we provide it? we can also transfer your data to third countries outside the European Economic Area that do not allow an adequate level of personal data protection. We will make all such transfers only if the relevant recipient undertakes to comply with any of the standard contractual clauses issued by the European Commission and available at http://eur––content/en/TXT/?uri= sector% 3A32010D0087 or the binding company rules of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", approved by the leading supervisory authorities within the EU, more info at–topic/data–protection/data–transfers–outside –eu/binding–corporate–rules_en.

  1. Who processes the personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User" and to whom does the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" provide it?

  1. All mentioned personal data is processed by "GLOBALEXPO Provider" as an operator. This means that the "GLOBALEXPO Operator" sets the above-defined purposes for which it collects the personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User", determines the means of processing and is responsible for their proper execution.

  1. The personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User" may also be transferred by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" to other entities acting as an operator, namely:

  1. as part of the fulfillment of our legal obligations, to transfer some personal data of the "GLOBALEXPO User" to administrative bodies and state offices if the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is invited to do so;

  1. on the basis of your consent to advertising and social networks, as described in the section Cookies and other online technologies in "GLOBALEXPO", the transfer of data to advertising and social networks, namely: Google Ireland Limited (registration number: 368047), with registered office Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland; this company's privacy policy is available here:

  1. For the processing of personal data, we also use the services of other intermediaries who process personal data only according to the instructions of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" and for the purposes stated above. Such intermediaries are mainly:

  1. our partners authorized to contractually use the brand "GLOBALEXPO";

  1. cloud service providers and other suppliers of technology, support and related services for our internal processes;

  1. operators of marketing tools and marketing agencies;

  1. providers of tools for managing and recording call center telephone calls;

  1. providers of SMS, e-mail and other communication tools in the event that they process personal data to mediate communication between the "GLOBALEXPO User" and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider";

  1. providers of security monitoring, especially managing our camera system;

  1. lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, enforcement agencies.

Final Provisions

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is entitled to change these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" and the scope of services provided through "GLOBALEXPO" at any time at its own discretion. The change is valid and effective on the date specified in the "GLOBALEXPO Terms"

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO Provider" reserves the right to change or completely replace these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" with a new wording of the terms. The change to the "GLOBALEXPO Terms" will be published on the "GLOBALEXPO" domain at the latest on its effective date.

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" is obliged to familiarize himself regularly with changes to the "GLOBALEXPO Terms" so that he always follows the current version of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms".

  1. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" continues to use "GLOBALEXPO" after the changes to these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" have been made by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", it is deemed that they agree to the change without reservation.

  1. If the "GLOBALEXPO User" does not agree with the change, he can request the cancellation of the account following the procedure according to these "GLOBALEXPO Terms".

  1. The "GLOBALEXPO User" is not entitled to transfer or assign any rights from these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" to a third party without the written consent of the "GLOBALEXPO Provider".

  1. These "GLOBALEXPO Terms" contain the entire and only agreement between the "GLOBALEXPO User" and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" regarding the use of "GLOBALEXPO" and supersede any prior written or oral agreements or arrangements between the "GLOBALEXPO User" and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" regarding the use "GLOBALEXPO".

  1. No exercise of any right or claim under these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" by the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" shall constitute a waiver or waiver of such right and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" is entitled to exercise such right or claim at any time.

  1. If some of the provisions of these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" and the "Contract" concluded between the "GLOBALEXPO User" and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider" should be invalid already at the time of its conclusion, or if they become invalid later after the conclusion of the "Contract", it is not thereby affecting the validity of other provisions of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms". Instead of the invalid provisions of the "GLOBALEXPO Terms and Conditions", the provisions of the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Copyright Act and other valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, which are closest in content and purpose to the content and purpose, shall be used.

  1. For the delivery of electronic messages (e-mail), the electronic document is considered delivered when it is delivered to the addressee's e-mail box. For the delivery of documents, the shipment is considered delivered even if the addressee refuses to accept it, or even if the addressee does not accept it due to his own fault or omission. In such a case, it is deemed to have been delivered upon expiry of the storage period at the post office for the duration specified by the sender and upon return of the parcel to the sender, of which the sender must provide undamaged proof. Notifications delivered via the courier service will be considered delivered at the moment of acceptance by the addressee. In case of failure of delivery by the courier service, the third day after the first delivery attempt will be considered as the moment of delivery, while the delivery attempt will be proven by a statement from the courier service.

  1. On the basis of these "GLOBALEXPO Terms and Conditions", a contractual relationship is established between the "GLOBALEXPO User" and the "GLOBALEXPO Provider", which is governed by the legal system of the Slovak Republic. All disputes regarding claims arising from these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" or the use of "GLOBALEXPO" or related to these "GLOBALEXPO Terms" or "GLOBALEXPO" will be exclusively within the competence of the courts of the Slovak Republic. Both "GLOBALEXPO User" and "GLOBALEXPO Provider" agree to submit such disputes to the jurisdiction of these courts.

These terms of use are valid from January 25, 2023.