GLOBALEXPO online exhibitions


Our vision is to be the largest and most trusted online exhibition center in the world. GLOBALEXPO's mission is to provide innovative and affordable services in the exhibition industry that will improve, support and connect the business of every exhibitor, regardless of the industry, size or location in which they operate. GLOBALEXPO's mission is to connect reliable entrepreneurs around the world and enable them to progress together.


The beginnings of exhibitionism go back to the 17th century, where art began to be promoted in this way. For centuries, exhibitors want to present their activities and sell their products or services, and exhibition visitors want to buy, get contacts, product catalogs, search for new opportunities, inspiration, etc.. The first international World's Fair was held in 1851 in London and during its duration it was visited by more than 6 million visitors. From a global perspective, the World Expos are seen as the third largest event in the world in terms of economic and cultural impact after the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics.


Exhibition has its justification even in the present. Globally, the number of various exhibitions and fairs, according to our estimates, is in the tens of thousands. Each event is mostly held in a different place and at a different time, and for any of them it is necessary to sacrifice time and financial resources. It's a hassle-free option for large companies, but a huge logistical nightmare for smaller and mid-sized players. For more than 95% of companies, an international exhibition or fair is mostly financially unavailable.


GLOBALEXPO is an online exhibition center in 100 languages ​​of the world, which offers presentation space for all size categories of companies. GLOBALEXPO saves exhibitors as well as visitors time and significant costs for exhibiting at classic exhibitions and fairs. In practice, it is a financially available option for all companies that want to present themselves at a level and with prestige.