Janka Valdman - MIJA

Natural oriental cosmetics; exclusive distributor of certified product Egypt powder under its own brand name MIJA...

wellmart s.r.o.

Biolamps, rehabilitation.

Jarmír Michalec

Car tarpaulins, clear foils, party tents, awnings, waterproofing.

Štefan Zakuťanský

Self-treatment of your inflammatory diseases using your congenital instinct.

La Michaela s.r.o.

Jewelry, minerals, orgonites, mandalas, souvenirs.

MIRAD, s. r. o.

The bathroom studio; fireplaces, furnaces; gas, water, heating; pumping systems.

Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, a.s.

Savings accounts, various types of loans for the purchase, construction or renovation of housing, loans for...

Dom mont s.r.o.

ICYNENE - Canadian spray foam insulation.

Ľuboš Kašik

Best quality spices from all over the world.


Garden gazebo and furniture.

MARELL s.r.o.

Vinyl flooring.

Renáta Chovancová - KASSER

Self-watering systems, turnkey services.

Jaroslav Mačej ARBESTA CA


Daniela Barčáková

Best quality spices from all over the world.

NASSO, s.r.o.

Slovak ergonomic chairs.


Massage products (of different origins).

SHARK-MV, s.r.o.

Security doors, interior doors, garage doors.


Healthy food products, cold pressed oils, cosmetics, toothpaste, Mumio.

Massive Charlotte s.r.o.

Massive furniture.

Lucia Hamráková

Textiles, jerseys, t-shirts.

Atmosan s.r.o.

Humidity and moisture control; ventilation units.

IzoNoba, s.r.o.

Winding insulation. Significant savings on heating, healthy living and thermal comfort in the winter and summer.


EURONA products - eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products.

RENOJAVA, s.r.o.

Production and sales of paints, oils, waxes.

Ing. Juraj Rovňák

Disinfectant Nanosilver, BMB SYSTEM - Austria.

Ing. Jarmila Hričišinová

Paper handbags and toys manufacture.

Štúdio LÍNIA - Gabriela Zastková

Diet food, healthy weight loss.

Libuša Revalová - Cascada trade

Mineral jewelry, alternative medicine, massage tools to relieve the body of pain or stress.

Barbora Richterová - BOBA

Fruit trees and bushes, planting strawberries and grape vines.

Slovenská inovačná energetická agentúra

Free energy advice LIVING ENERGY. Counseling centers: Bratislava - Trenčín - Banská Bystrica - Košice.

R.M.B. MARCUS BIO s.r.o.

Tea, decorations.


ANTICALC® is installed on the water inlet, usually behind the water meter or at the pump...

PK AUTO spol. s.r.o.

The company PK AUTO spol. s r.o. is an authorized car dealer and service of Opel,...

Tibor Truhan

Furniture and home decor production and sales; latrine production - dry toilet, hand woven rugs, pelmets.

Ján Stieranka

Mandala painting on glass.

Tomáš Mikloš

Health, lifestyle.

Erajj s.r.o.

Sales and service of medical devices, wheelchairs and strollers, assembled by manufacturers with many years of...

GERELL s.r.o.

The company sells a high quality range of wellness products.

SHOPIK s.r.o.

Polarized sunglasses - Poland, Hungary.

Beáta Jelinková

Dried fruit slices, raw, vegan, gluten-free, fresh juices.

Ladislav Dudor - RA-DE radosť deťom

Rental and operation of inflatable attractions for children, electric cars and motorcycles.

Denisa Gajdošíková B&G Trade

Various types of glasses cleaner.

Jaroslav Motalik

Confectionery sales.

B-FINE s.r.o.

Nanotech cleaning and impregnating products clear vision.

František Hurajt - stolárstvo

Custom furniture, interior/exterior doors and Eurowindows production.

ZEPTER SLOVAKIA spol. s.r.o.

HOME ART containers, water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaner etc.


Self-cleaning separation technology that allows higher airflow, better filtration properties and higher suction.

Silvia Zumríková

Handmade paintings, decorations, jewelry.

Mgr. Alena Vydarená - ALIS

Dead Sea cosmetics and pain relief gels.

Alena Kavenská

Cards reading.